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Rok Presso GC Smartshot Basket

Rok Presso GC Smartshot Basket

SKU: 0017799

Best Manual Espresso Maker , new product design with smart shot basket

to reach best Crema extract

No Electricity needed to produce 5-10bar pressure (where 9bar pressure is the espresso standard)


Make your own Espresso within 30 seconds, 

- Fill the portafilter with fresh espresso ground, do firm tamp down and lock in portal holder.
- Add Hot water into designated place on top of the kit, by simply raising the arms your hot water is cunningly delivered to the heat-insulating glass-composite pressure chamber 

- Pulling down the arms applies all the pressure required for your espresso. Expect to feel some resistance (Optional: once feel the resistance hold 5 secs for pre-infusion) then continue to fully pull down the arm. A good shot takes 25 to 30 secs to extract all those lovely oils

- Enjoy your freshly brew Espresso


The ROK espresso maker designed in UK, 


    ROK original Espresso maker

    product dimension : 26,5 x 20 x 31 cm

    Accesories Included: Portafilter, Splitter, Oring & Tamp/Spoon

    Design in UK , profesionally made in PRC



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    Please keep all packaging and Purchase notes for claims


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    Pickup appointment is always our recommended delivery method.

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